Smartwatch Xiaomi Haylou Solar LS05 VERSAO GLOBAL – Review COMPLETO

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0-10-300x225 Smartwatch Xiaomi Haylou Solar LS05 VERSAO GLOBAL - Review COMPLETOToday I bring you the analysis of one of the most coveted smartwatches of the moment I am talking clearly about the smartwatch haylou solar ls05 If you ever think about buying a smartwatch like this, be it from haylou, huami, amazfit or any smartwatch that is part of the ecosystem from xiaomi always opt for the global version and avoid the Chinese version In the packaging it is possible to see almost all the features of this smartwatch and inside the package we only find the smartwatch, the charging cable and the instruction manual in English since I opted for the version overall, if it had opted for the Chinese version, was in Chinese manual This is one of the nicest smartwatch I have had opportunity to test here we find a minimalist construction, super stylish and elegant and is very well in both men and women’s body it is built in metal that transmits quality and when we take this watch we really feel that we are holding a much more expensive smartwatch we found only a physical button on the side that serves to turn on or off and also to go back in the menus The circular screen was something that didn’t surprise me very much Unfortunately we don’t have an amoled screen here, but IPS, which is still good, but the truth is that amoled is amoled we have to be careful with the screen because it is at the very edge of the frame it is much more prone to scratches and can be broken or scratched easily The touch works very well, it is responsive and assertive although it is possible to adjust the brightness of the screen, I noticed that outside under a lot of sun it is a little difficult to see the content, even with the brightness at the bottom we find the optical heart rate sensor and the two pins that serve to attach the magnetic charger to the bracelets are the size of 22mm and are built in quality silicone compound and are very comfortable and can still be exchanged which is a big advantage at these prices not all offer this po ssibility In this smartwatch we also have the ip68 certification standard, which means that it can hold up to 1.

5 meters under water for 30 minutes, we don’t have to worry about running in the rain, taking a shower, washing our hands, in short, the fact that we don’t have to worrying about water is a bonus in these smartwatch The battery can hold up to 10 days at most and if you receive a lot of notifications you have 8 days to charge the 340mah battery of this LS05 a specific adapter is included in the package and takes about 2 hours charging up to 100% The magnet is not very strong but it does its job well I have good news here for iphone users looking for an alternative to the apple watch the ls05 works on both android and ios On this smartwatch you can receive all notifications from all the applications that you have installed on your smartphone whenever they receive a phone call or an SMS the name of the contact appears on the smartwatch obviously for appearance er contact you must have the same recorded in the phone book of the smartphone Regarding the notifications there is one thing that I did not like at all and I have to mention here in this video that it is the fact that it is not possible to read the notifications in full, that is, just give to read the first 5 lines of text and it is only possible to save the last 8 notifications the application that you will need to pair your smartphone with your smartwatch is called Haylou Fit is very simple and intuitive of course there are some badly translated terms but there are very few Basically there are 4 tabs below, the first one relating to the health part where I highlight this heart rate graph.

This smartwatch is constantly monitoring the heartbeat and as the day goes on, through the graph, we can see if there was some irregularity undoubtedly a very useful function, which many people look for, but which is not present in all smartwatches of course s and do not want this function active, they can always deactivate the second tab has to do with sports and only serves to access the GPS of the smartphone through the watch for more accurate readings the third tab already has to do with functions of the smartwatch itself as you can see it has a very appealing layout and with a lot of information in this tab it is possible to choose other watchfaces where there are many to choose from you can activate or deactivate notifications of calls or messages or any other application that you have installed on your smartphone you can set alarms, update the firmware or even disconnect the application’s smartwatch the fourth and last tab is where some personal data such as age, weight, height is placed for the smartwatch to make a correct calculation of the distance traveled, calories lost etc.

here you even have to put the correct data in order to have realistic readings the ls05 is already equipped with bluetooth 5.

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