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Fossil Gen 5/4 Charger,Charging

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fossil-gen-54-chargercharging-picture-002 Fossil Gen 5/4 Charger,ChargingTitle : Fossil Gen 5/4 Charger,Charging Dock for Fossil Julianna Carlyle,Sport,Emporio Armani,Michael Kors Runway,Skagen Falster 2,Kate Spade Scallop 2,Misfit Vapor 2,Diesel Diesel Guard 2.5 Soarking
Description : Soarking
Emporio Armani/Fossil/Michael Kors/Kate spade scallop 2 charging station

1XCharging stand(with cable)
1 X warranty card

Notice 1:Watch and Wall adapter/charger are not included.

Notice 2:You can use a 5V/1A plug to charge. Please don’t worry that the charger may get warm while charging, it’s a normal phenomenon.And please unplug the charger after charging to avoid unnecessary warming.

Notice 3:It DOESN’T work with
Fossil Gen 3 Sport/Gen 3 Explorist/Gen 3 Venture/Q Founder Gen 2/Marshal Gen 2/Q Wander Gen 2/Q Founder Gen 1
Michael Kors Access Bradshaw/Michael Kors Access Steel
Emporio Armani Gen 1
Diesel Gen 3,Gen 2,Gen 1
Skagen Falster Gen 1
Kate spade scallop 1

Works with
1.1,Fossil Gen 5 carlyle men(FTW4024,FTW4025,FTW4026)
1.2,Fossil Gen 5 julianna women(FTW6035,FTW6036,FTW6054)
1.3,Fossil Gen 4 HR (heart rate) touchscreen smartwatches
1.4,Fossil Gen 4 Sport Heart Rate(model:FTW6022/FTW6024/FTW6025/FTW6026/FTW6027/FTW6028/FTW4019/FTW4021,etc.)
1.5,Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR (Model:FTW4011 FTW4012 FTW4015 FTW4016 FTW4017 FTW4018…)
1.6,Venture HR(Model:FTW6011 FTW6012 FTW6013 FTW6014 FTW6015 FTW6016 FTW6017 FTW6018 FTW6023..)
2.1,Micheal kors Access Rounway(model:MKT5044 MKT5045 MKT5046 MKT5047 MKT5048 MKT5049 MKT5050 MKT5052 MKT5053 MKT5054 MKT5055 MKT5056 MKT5057 MKT5058 MKT5060 MKT5065…)
2.2,Micheal kors Access Sofie Heart Rate (Model:MKT5061 MKT5062 MKT5063 MKT5064 MKT5066 MKT5067 MKT5068 MKT5069.not work with sofie without heart rate)
3,Skagen Connected Falster 2(Model:SKT5100/SKT5102/SKT5103/SKT5104/SKT5105)
4,EMPORIO ARMANI Smartwatch with heart rate(model:ART5006/ART5008/ART5009/ART5010/ART9005,etc.)
5,Kate Spade New York Scallop 2
6,Misfit vapor 2
7,Diesel ON Fullguard 2.5 Smartwatch(Model: DZT9001).

If you want the charger before 2018 version,Please search “soarking”on amazon.
Features :

  • Fast charger:It will take 1 hour to full charged the smart watch.The fossil charger is built in protection circuit,overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection,overheat protection,short circuit protection.And also built with updated magnetic,which the watch connect well with the charger.
  • Longer Cord:There is 5 feet cable attach on the item,The competitors only about 3 feet or 4 feet.
  • Case Friendly and Charging at Portrait Orientation View:The Fossil charging dock are designes at portrait.When put the watch on the fossil smartwatch stand,We can look the watch screen at more intuitive direction.
  • ONLY works with Fossil Gen 5 carlyle men,Fossil Gen 5 julianna women,Fossil Sport,Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR,Venture HR,Emporio Armani (2018),Michael Kors Runway,Sofie Heart Rate,Diesel ON Fullguard 2.5 Smartwatch(Model: DZT9001)., Skagen falster 2(2018),Kate spade scallop 2,Misfit vapor 2.
  • It DOESN’T work with Fossil Gen 3 Sport/Gen 3 Explorist/Gen 3 Venture/Q Founder Gen 2/Marshal Gen 2/Q Wander Gen 2/Q Founder Gen 1, Michael Kors Access Bradshaw/Michael Kors Access Steel, Emporio Armani Gen 1,Diesel Gen 3,Gen 2,Gen 1, Skagen Falster Gen 1,Kate spade scallop 1.If you want the charger before 2018 version,Please read this listing:If you want the charger before 2018 version,Please search “soarking”on amazon.

fossil-gen-54-chargercharging-photo-01 Fossil Gen 5/4 Charger,Charging fossil-gen-54-chargercharging-picture-002 Fossil Gen 5/4 Charger,Charging

Brand: Soarking
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