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childrens-day-gift-kids-smartwatches-picture-8 Children's Day Gift, Kids Smartwatches,Title : Children’s Day Gift, Kids Smartwatches, LBS+GPRS Locating, Phone Calls, Text/Voice Chat/Camera/Alarms/Flashlight/Maths Games/Environmental Material, Smartwatches for Age 3-14 Girls and Boys
ASIN : B07QVL2571
Description :

Use as a independent waterproof wrist watch phone to contact with parents instead of expensive Smart phone device. Satisfying kids’ needs of communicating, play games and arranging time and also help them not to addict to these actions.  


1*waterproof smart watch

1*USB cable


 You can add phone numbers on App and then sync to the watch to guarantee only these numbers can call the kid.

You can customize security range on APP, the minimum radius of the safety area is 500 meters.You can start the DND mode, the watch will automatically block all phone calls.The watch can track movement route and parents would have idea about your kid’s trajectory.Alarms can be set in different time periods to let kids do it on time, as well as develop your baby keep a strong sense of time. The SMS alert settings: low power, SOS.

You can picturing the Kids’ surroundings via your phone application: setrack2.

Important information

How to setup

1.Activated the sim via your phone

2.Keep watch turned off to insert the sim to watch

3.Created a account in App “setracker 2”,registered choose North America

4.Send APN codes via your phone Message app to watch

5.Test in App

Details are in Manual.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Features :

  • 📲A PARENT PHONE NEEDED📲: the smartwatch by Benobby works through the connection between the watch and parents’ phone. Parents or family members can download Application: SeTrack 2 to activate all interaction functions of the watch.
  • 📶A SIM CARD NEEDED📶: the smartwatch by Benobby works just as a phone. Inserting SIM card with 2g network to activate the watch. Kids can make or take a call and also sending text/ voice message via the watch (only numbers added to the phone Application can call kids). Will not miss any big moment of your kids!
  • 😃A SMILE NEEDED😃: miss your kids when they go to school? Ask them to send you a real-time picture via their smartwatch will be the best solution. With this smartwatch, you can see your kids’ smile at anytime. Environmental material, daily use waterproof and fashionable design keep kids smiling.
  • 💖A “HOUSEKEEPER” NEEDED💖: the smartwatch can really work as a “housekeeper”. Alarms help kids to build sense of time, flashlight helps kids to overcome darkness, maths games help kids to entertain and etc. Maybe the best gift for the kids.
  • ✈️A RELEASE NEEDED✈️: as long as connected the watch to parent’s phone, parents can locating kids by LBS+GPRS or take picture of the surroundings of kids. A safety area can also be set through phone application to the watch, when kids stepped out of the safety zone, the phone would ring. SOS performances essentially when kids face emergencies. Just press SOS key and the watch will automatically call the parents’ phones. What a release for parents who worrying about kids’ safety!

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