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Review Of Nixon Mission Smartwatch

Tuesday, July 23rd 2019.

Want to get a good outdoor smartwatch? Well, Android has brought its “A” game, and you are going to enjoy what they have to offer.

The Nixon Mission Smartwatch is a new entry in the market and is earning critical acclaim for what it has to provide.

The premise of this smartwatch is to help those who are participating in outdoor activities such as skiing or surfing.

Does it work well? Let’s take a look.


1) Outdoor Smartwatch
2) Powered By Android Wear
3) Stainless Steel (316L Grade
4) Customized With 40000 Variations (Bezel Color, Casing)
5) Detailed Google Maps And Google Fit

Immaculate Design

The stainless steel will leave your jaw on the floor because of how elegant it looks. This is a fashion statement and a half, to say the least. They have done an incredible job crafting this solution, and it shows when you pick it up for the first time.

The case and its unique aesthetic appeal is a major plus point and a fantastic starting point when it comes to getting an outdoor smartwatch in this day and age.


A gorgeous smartwatch is beautiful when you are participating in an outdoor activity, but is it comfortable to wear around your wrist all day? Yes, Nixon has spent a lot of time on this, and it shows through the comfortable wristband and how it sits on the wrist when you put it on.

This will settle in nicely to the point you won’t even realize it is on your wrist.

This is the charm of a lightweight, sleek solution crafted by professionals who know what is required for outdoor activities and want to put their best foot forward. This is what the market has been looking for when it comes to comfort.

Easy To Use

How easy is the outdoor smartwatch to use? Does it get in the way of your activity because of how long it takes to respond?

The best part about the Nixon smartwatch is its ability to react well in all conditions even when you are in cooler climates. You will have an easy time using it and even those who have never owned a smartwatch such as this will enjoy what it brings to the table.

It adds a new wrinkle to what a person can do when it comes to outdoor activities, and that alone is great.

Battery Life Could Be Longer

A robust watch such as this will have a flaw here or there, and this one involves battery life. You can get two days out of it on full charge, and that might not be long enough for some. However, the overall value of the watch makes sure that’s not a worry.


This is the perfect outdoor smartwatch for those who are tired of lugging around bulkier solutions that get in the way and are not worth it.

Get this and feel good about what you have around your wrist. It has a lot of information on offer and is easy to use.

There is nothing better.